Easter with a Camera

When I think of Easter, I don’t just think of chocolate eggs, although I love any excuse to eat more chocolate, I always think of Springtime too. As I write it is the depths of Winter and whilst the first little Snowdrops have started to appear giving us a little hope, the idea of warmth and light and growth is very appealing. I am more than ready for it. My camera and I intend to make the most of Springtime this Easter. And here are some ways you can too.

Head outside as much as you can, spring isn't just about plants and animals re-awakening, but our bodies need a bit of a push back to life too after the inevitable slowing down of Winter. In spring one of my favourite things is to try and go for a walk whenever I can in search of blossom. I am not sure I will ever tire of seeing it reappear after each long winter. You wont have to go far, even a gentle stroll around your neighbourhood will inevitably reveal a few beauties in bloom. If you have a DSLR set your aperture as wide as you can (F1.8 is my default for blossom) and enjoy the softness it creates. Blossoms are so pretty that even with just an iPhone you can still capture something beautiful. 

Fallen blossoms make a lovely adornment to a child’s hair, a perfect photo opportunity. And a lovely blanket of blossoms on the ground will provide a beautiful scene for photos of your little ones. Springtime is a beautiful time to capture photos of your children. Set your aperture fairly wide (low numbers) and focus on their eyes for stunning portraits. 

For great family fun this Easter an egg hunt is a must. There are always places putting them on during the holidays but it’s not tricky to put on your own, whether its in your own back yard or in a nearby beach or woods. Capturing your little ones joy and excitement each time they find an egg will provide you with precious photos to treasure. Make sure your shutter speed is quite fast (above 1/125) so you can capture those fast moving kids. If you’ve got a phone on a lot of models you can hold down the button for burst mode which can help ensure you capture your moving target. 


There are so many fun activities you can join in with over Easter. Decorating eggs, dressing up as bunnies and chicks, and baking Easter treats and Hot Cross Buns. Our Children's school even puts on an Easter Bonnet Parade each year. All great opportunities to get your camera out and capture the happy memory making this Easter. Try photographing from above to get a different perspective when those little hands are hard at work decorating and making. 


Above all have fun this Easter and I've no doubt your photos will reflect that.