Marloes Sands, Pembrokeshire

When it's deepest darkest winter in Wales and the weatherman tells you it's not only going to be dry all day, but also sunny, and it's also a weekend, for us, there is no other option than to get outside and make the most of it.

The amount of sun deprivation we've been experiencing has a direct correlation on how big we go on these rare days of winter sun, so given the latest bout of wet and windy weather it shouldn't be surprising we chose to explore a little further afield. We often neglect having Pembrokeshire just an hour away, something we often say we need to rectify. So today we did just that and explored a beach we had never been to before.

We made the most of a friends' knowledge, who has not made the mistake of neglecting Pembrokeshire and she suggested Marloes Sands. A quick google image search had us sold. At about an hour and a half away it was a bit of an epic road trip, but we went armed with a picnic and once we saw those views we all agreed it was worth every minute!

There is a National Trust car park conveniently located next to the cliffs, so the walk down to the beach only takes about 5 minutes, and it's free to park if you are a member. We'd been forewarned the beach was best at low tide, but not the best planners we arrive about an hour after high tide. But the small bay that was left was still stunning and full of rocks and caves, perfect for keeping the kids entertained. 

By the time we had finished lunch the tide was out far enough for us to venture along the rest of the bay and see even more of this amazing beach. About half way along there are stairs that lead you back up the cliff, it's steep but well worth it for the views you get walking back towards the car park. Plus our kids are always much happier with long walks that are circular, so not having to go back on ourselves kept them happy too. 

If you are lucky enough, like us, to have Pembrokeshire close enough for day trips, or are planning a trip there in the near future, make sure Marloes sands is on your bucket list. If you aren't planning a visit, why on earth not? If my words haven't convinced you, I sure hope my photos have.

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