Things we will take the time to know

As I raise 3 children in a world vastly different to the one in which I was raised, there are experiences that for me are as familiar as rewinding a cassette or the sound of dial up internet, that they will never know. Instead of travelling back in time to relive the past, I want to focus on figuring out the best bits worth salvaging and how in todays technology driven world we can still extract the lessons that in my youth seemed so easily learned. Here are the things that in my family I hope we can take the time to experience and take the time to know...

We will slow things down. We will take the scenic route, not just when we journey but through life too. Stopping to smell the roses, literally. Not only stopping to smell them, but taking the time to plant them too. We will walk as often and as far as our feet will allow. In woods, along beaches, up mountains, even down the city streets. A childhood full of long walks surrounded by nature is a childhood well spent. 

Spontaneous dance parties will be mandatory. We will eat together often. We will know that trees are for climbing and we will learn as many of their names as we can. We will sleep out under the stars at least once and re-tell the tales woven in the constellations. 

We will not only swim in wild waters but jump in with a dreamlike joy and abandon. Lakes, streams, and even the sea will know the laughter of my fully clothed, fully soaked, fully happy, children.

We will travel as far as we can and as often as we can; that we might raise children with open minds and compassionate hearts.

We will ride bikes, dance in the rain, and even dance in the mud. We will build dens, row boats, and roast marshmallows on open fires. We will watch the sun rise and set as often as we can.

We will take the time to listen to each other, not just to what we are saying but to that which we can not always speak aloud. There may be times when life is loudest and we have to strain to hear each other, and even ourselves. But we will keep our ears and our hearts open always. 

A childhood travelled slowly, full of nature, love and laughter, seems like the kind of childhood that doesn't just inspire poetry but is itself a poem.


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