30 Days Wild - Celebrate the Humble Stick

Making words with sticks.

Making words with sticks.

For the month of June The Wildlife Trust are running #30dayswild, a social media campaign to encourage people to try, every day in June, to get outside and do something "wild" with their children. I remember hearing about it halfway through June last year and wishing I'd known about it sooner. So when I saw it advertised again this year I signed us up right away.

Off to find sticks.

Off to find sticks.

Today is day one, and I wasn't sure how the children would react when I informed them this is what we'd be doing all month. Oldest was immediately keen, but Middle looked hesitant, but as soon as I said "there's an app" his interest was piqued. He tapped the button and our first act of wild was generated; "celebrate the humble stick". Luckily just across our road there is a little path lined with trees, the perfect spot for hunting sticks. The app suggested we come up with 100 things to do with a stick, so the kids grabbed a pen and paper to take outside with us. Oldest had 1-50 and Middle had 51-100, and Youngest drew a pretty scribble to take with him. 

Making a list.

Making a list.

The kids let their imaginations run wild and the ideas were never ending. They didn't make it to 100 but they sure gave it their best go. (I've put a little list of their ideas at the bottom of this post). They are already asking if we can do something every day and if we can join in again next year. Our 30 days wild is off to a great start, and it's not too late to join in! Why not browse the website for ideas? Or see what the app generates for you? Or maybe these past blog posts will inspire you; 'We're going on a scavenger hunt", "50 free things to do outdoors" and "Strawberries and sunshine".

The ideas are endless. What will your act of wild be today? 

Quite the collection of sticks.

Quite the collection of sticks.

Here are a few of their ideas...

1. Lightsaber

2. Poo sticks

3. Throw sticks

4. Wand

5. Walking stick

6. Gun

7. Nunchuck  

8. Sword (what can I say? Boys will be boys!) 

9. Make words

10. Maths

11. Axe

12. Make a fire

13. An arrow

14. Flag

15. Play fetch with a dog

16. Make a den

17. Dig

18. Break them

19. Pointers

20. Balance

21. Stepping sticks (lay them out on the path and only walk on the sticks) 

22. Seasaw for teddies

23. Cutlery

24. Jump the stick

25. Microphone

26. Lead a march

27. Limbo

28. Put them in the trees

29. Find the tree the stick came from

"Returning" the sticks to their trees.

"Returning" the sticks to their trees.

30. Use for writing

31. Use for painting

32. Make a face

33. Obstacle course

34. Make a tower

35. Make a nest

36. Stir your mud pie

37. Slingshot

38. Make shapes

39. Splint for teddies legs

40. Make a bug hotel

41. Hide and Seek with the sticks

42. Play who can find the most sticks

43. Who can find the biggest stick

44. Who can find the smallest stick

45. Who can find the thinnest stick

46. Who can find the widest stick

47. Use them to draw in the sand

48. Who can find a curved stick

49. Make a stick man

50. Make a mini tree

51. Put the sticks together to make a picture frame

52. Use it as a bat

53. Jumping stick - Use it to help you jump further

54. Hangman- with sticks for the letter's spaces

55. Make a house out of sticks

Can you think of anymore? Can you come up with 100? I hope you'll join in with 30 Days Wild and see what fun you and your family can get up to this month.

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