30 Wild Ideas for 30 Days Wild

You may already know that The Wildlife Trust are running the 30 Days Wild campaign throughout the month of June. If you've been joining in you may be running out of ideas, so i thought i would write a little list of 30 wild things you can do to help inspire you to keep going. If you've not joined in yet, its not too late to start. How many of these can you do? How many have you already done? 

Make a Daisy Chain

Make a Daisy Chain

  1. Make a daisy chain

  2. Walk in the woods

  3. Bird watching

  4. Plant wildflowers

  5. Scavenger hunt

  6. Explore rock pools

  7. Play pooh sticks

  8. Follow a stream

  9. Fruit picking

  10. Go to the beach

  11. Feed the ducks

  12. Identify flowers

  13. Run through a meadow

  14. Climb a tree

  15. Make a mud pie

  16. Listen to the bird's sing

  17. Go for a picnic

  18. Build a den

  19. Jump in muddy puddles

  20. Hunt for Bees (maybe even plant some bee friendly flowers)

  21. Make a nature Mandela (a circular pattern)

  22. Collect rocks to paint

  23. Host a mini olympics in your garden

  24. Go on a bug hunt

  25. Skim stones

  26. Have a water fight

  27. Try Geocaching

  28. Roll down a hill

  29. Search for Animal tracks

  30. Go wild swimming

Go to the beach

Go to the beach

Walk in the woods

Walk in the woods

Identify flowers

Identify flowers

I'd love for you to tell me all about what you've managed to do so far or what you will be doing in the comments below.

Run through a meadow

Run through a meadow

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