A Family Day out in South Wales - Colby Woods & Laugharne

Our 7 year old Son's idea of a perfect Saturday would usually be spending the whole day in his PJ's, and alternating between watching the TV and playing Minecraft. So when he actually requested we spend the day OUTSIDE at Colby Woodland Gardens we knew we had discovered a truly magical place. Not ones to pass up a child keen to actually go outside, and to somewhere we actually enjoy too, we made it happen.

Colby Woodland Gardens is managed by the National Trust, and is about a 40 minute drive away from Swansea. We only discovered it a few months ago when a friend recommended it to us, but we have already made the trip several times. We love it!

Exploring the woods.

Meadows, woods, a beautiful walled garden and just a short walk through the trees to the beautiful beach at Amroth. There are even fallen trees lying across the streams making natural bridges, which my children think is amazing. And the icing on the cake? Rope swings. Quite a few dotted through the woods and one even alongside a stream. I think that's the bit that has won the hearts of our 3 children. There is something very magical about swinging through the trees on a rope swing. 

Swinging through the trees.

Take a picnic, and spend the day exploring the beautiful meadows and woods, and don't forget to wander down to Amroth beach for an ice cream.

Inside the Walled Garden.

We've started driving home along the coastal road which will eventually land you in the picturesque town of Laugharne, in Carmathenshire, where Dylan Thomas lived and wrote. The town itself is very quaint and you can visit Dylan Thomas' house and the boathouse where he did a lot of his writing. The castle, whilst quite small has been beautifully landscaped and the views are pretty special too. Don't forget to pop in to the Summerhouse there which was a writing room for both Dylan Thomas and Richard Hughes. It's easy to see why they found it inspiring. 

The Summerhouse window in Laugharne Caslte.

There are so many beautiful areas to check out in Pembrokeshire, and Carmarthenshire. These are just two of our favourites and are easy day trips from Swansea. If they've won the hearts of our 3 children, I know for a fact you will love them. 

I'd love to hear about your favourite South Wales days out in the comments section below. 

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