Getting Outdoors in South Wales - September Edition

We try as a family to spend as much of our free time getting outdoors. Not always the easiest thing to do when the kids will often resist every idea we come up with, or when the Welsh weather doesn’t always get the memo that it’s the weekend and we want to get outside.

I’m always looking for inspiration as to where to go in and around South Wales and I thought that by documenting our monthly outings here on the blog, not only can I share lots of photos that never make it to Instagram, but I can also hopefully inspire others with ideas for getting outside.

Sunday 2nd September - Rhossili

A sunny day spent walking at Rhossili. I only seem to have taken one photograph though, but I’d had a Wedding the day before so I think I must have been in need of a break!



Tuesday 4th September - Picton Gardens

We made the most of the last day of the Summer Holidays and took the kids to Picton gardens for the day. We can get in free from April to the end of September with our National Botanic Garden passes, and so I knew this might be our last chance until next year. We never actually go into the castle, but the grounds are stunning and it’s well worth a visit in my opinion. (I’ve blogged about it before here.)

Wednesday 5th September - Amroth

The kids first day back in school and I had a photo shoot at Amroth, with a family visiting nearby Bluestone. I got there early (I’m always early!) which meant I had some time to take photos just for me. We often pair a trip to Amroth with a visit to Colby Woods, and this is one of the days out our children genuinely seem to love and often request we do, but with a 50 minute drive to get there it isn’t always possible. (I’ve blogged about Colby Woods before here.)

Amroth - things to do in South Wales
Amroth - things to do in South Wales

Saturday 8th September - Rhossili (again)

Having discovered how yummy the chips at the Bay Bistro are recently, we learned we could bribe the kids to do a walk at Rhossili in the rain if we promised to buy them chips afterwards. We took our “Go find it” cards on this walk too and despite the rain it was a great success.

Friday 14th September - Rhossili to Llangennith

With all three children in full time school now there is much more scope for me to get out exploring and doing longer walks they wouldn’t manage. Joined by my good friend Nia, on this occasion we walked to the top of the hill at Rhossili, and all the way along to Llangennith, we then walked back along the beach. The views alone make this walk well worth it.

Saturday 15th September - Marloes Sands

I’d been trying to convice the family to make this trip with me pretty much since our first ever visit to Marloes back in spring. They finally relented. It is a fair drive, and took just under 90 minutes. But man oh man was it worth it. Plus there is now a delightful cafe, perfect for bribing the kids. If you haven’t seen Marloes with your own eyes yet, you need to change that asap.

Sunday 23rd September - Croft Castle - Leominster

We love a good National Trust day out, and on this occasion we ventured a little further afield to Croft Castle so that we could meet up with some friends of ours from the Midlands as this was about half way for each of us. With lovely gardens, a gorgeous “castle” perfectly preserved, and wonderful grounds to explore with a park and a natural playground it’s safe to say we loved our day out at Croft Castle and both grown ups and children were well entertained.

Tuesday 25th September - Whiteford Sands, Llanmadoc

I took advantage of being able to have the car and went for a solo walk in the woods and along the beach. Cwm Ivy and Whiteford Sands is a firm favourite in this family, and I don’t think I will ever tire of glimpsing the sea through the trees.

Whiteford Sands - things to do in South Wales
Cwm Ivy - things to do in South Wales

29th September - Garwnant Visitor Centre

We visited here in the school holidays without my Husband, and Youngest has been asking to go back ever since so he can show Daddy the animal trail. There are so many trails here that are well marked and easy to follow. Great if you enjoy walking but aren’t necessarily keen to dust off the map reading skills. There are a couple of easy trails that have clues and things for the children to find along the way, which never fails to engage our 3 children. So it was a big hit and treats in the cafe afterwards and a play on the park before heading home helped ensure the kids had the best day there.

Brecon Beacons - things to do in South Wales

And that was our September adventures. I’m quite impressed with how much we managed to get out. I wonder what October will bring?!

I’d love to hear where you’ve been visiting lately!

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